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Vortal Combat is a javascript html5 canvas shoot'em up.

Pilot a starfighter against unknown invaders in an asteroid field.

Destroy enemies and asteroids, collect power-ups for upgrades, don't forget vortal bombs and try to rank up in the leaderboard.

The game gets progressively harder the longer you stay alive. Enemies and asteroids have more shields, there is more asteroids and less power-ups.

Put a helmet and yell pew-pews and boum-boums for a better immersion.

Vortal bombs

Movement speed of anything trapped in a vortal bomb is divided by 4. Shield is divided by 2. Enemies and asteroids destroyed in a vortal bomb also grant more points.

Power ups

  • Upgrade your weapon.
  • Increase your shield.
  • Increase the score generated by each hit and kill. Can stack indefinitely. Canceled when you are hit.

Collision mask

Knowing where you can be hit and where you cannot is crucial in a shoot'em up.
The collision mask or hitbox is the invisible shape used for real-time collision detection and is usually smaller than the player's sprite. The ship's collision mask is represented by the red circle in this image.

60 frames per second

I have worked hard to deliver steady 60 frames per second on a javascript game even on old computers. It provides accurate and smooth controls. I hope you will feel the difference and enjoy it.

Frame rate based scoring

Your score is saved when your ship is destroyed.

Bad performances can be useful when playing a reflex based game since it gives more time to react. To end this unfair advantage in Vortal Combat the score is directly linked to the frame rate. Higher frame rate gives more points.

Developed for Chrome

See my Experiment on

I developed Vortal combat on Google Chrome. It doesn't mean it won't work properly on other browsers, but you will probably have better performances with Chrome.

Add to Chrome

Chrome store

You can add Vortal Combat as an application in Chrome using the Chrome web store.


I develop html5 games for fun on my spare time. All my games are free to play. If you like my games maybe you can consider making a donation in order to encourage me to continue.

News and updates

03.27.2015 | Patch 2.0.4. Full touchscreen support

Vortal combat and Vortal combat mobile are now merged into one app. The game is playable on touchscreen devices or with a mouse.

Touch and move your finger on the left side of the screen for the analog direction stick. Tap the right side to drop bombs.

The fire button is now set to autofire. push to stop autofiring, push to start. You don't need to keep your finger on the button anymore.

03.24.2015 | Patch 2.0.3. Full screen and responsive design

The game is now in full screen and the all page is fully responsive.
Smartphone, tablet or computer, the game will fit the screen whatever the size of it.

Of course the ultimate goal is to get the game playable on touchscreen devices.
This will be done shortly in the next patch. But right now I have problems with sounds on some smartphones.

03.03.2015 | Patch 2.0.2 is live

This patch improves few things.
It mainly gives a proper assets manager system to the game. With a nice progress bar to show the loading process. Allowing the page to load faster.

Read more >

Browser compatibility and performances

Performances of a HTML5 / Javascript game highly depend on your web browser and your processor. For a better frame rate use a browser with high Javascript performances. The differences between web browsers can be huge.

Always download the last version of your favorite browser.

If the game is slow, try another browser.

If the game does not launch, your browser is probably too old and does not support HTML5 canvas.

Don't hesitate to play the game on several browsers to find the better one for you and your machine.

About me

This game has been created from scratch by Ludovic Cluber in 2011 to test the power and reliability of HTML5 canvas. It was also a great way to learn basics of video game programming.

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